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Human efforts & advanced technology used for all sorts of Clipping Path Services maintaining top-notch quality.

Clipping Picture is a virtual photo editing and design studio for ecommerce businesses and pros, from product photographers to Amazon sellers to global brands.


Clipping path

Starting At 29¢ Per Image

Multi-Clipping Path

Starting At 89¢ Per Image

Background Removal

Starting At 29¢ Per Image

Image Masking

Starting At 89¢ Per Image

Shadow Making

Starting At 20¢ Per Image

Photo Retouching

Starting At 49¢ Per Image

Ghost Mannequin

Starting At 49¢ Per Image

Vector Conversion

Starting At $1.99 Per Image

Color Variants

Starting At 49¢ Per Image



Send us 1 to 3 images for trial. We also offer more images as a trial for the Biggest project or yearly contract.


Choose the best price that suits you from our pricing templates to get an affordable price.


For single and small size images use the upload system, For bulk images first upload to a file sharing site and then share the link.


Choose any of the payment system from our site, for better assistance please get us notified via the support team.


Quality Assurance

Clipping Picture has a Strong team to look after and follow all the instructions and guidelines to ensure 100% quality. We always ensure 3 step quality assurance for every order.

24/7 Support

Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day and able to give reply with in 2 minutes. We provide next day service and also 12 hrs, 6 hrs and 3 hrs urgent service.

Fast delivery

Time is main value to make fast and on time delivery. we never ever missed the clients deadline. All orders placed using our application are handled within 24 hours or sooner.

Affordable Price

Select the best price from our pricing list which suit you most for the service, even you can share details to get a custom quote for more benefits. Choose us for the best affordable price in the market.

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We Can Deliver


We Can Deliver

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What our customers say – ★★★★★

What our customers say – ★★★★★★

Find the time to fall in love with your work again

Illustration – Level 3

Illustration – Level 2

Illustration – Level 1

Label – Level 2

Label – Level 1

Art Work – Level 3

Art Work – Level 2

Art Work – Level 1

Logo – Level 3

Logo – Level 2

Logo – Level 1

Color Variants – Level 1

Ghost Mannequin – Level 2

Ghost Mannequin – Level 1

Wrinkle on Clothing – Level 2

Wrinkle on Clothing – Level 1

Camera Reflection Removal – Level 2

Camera Reflection Removal – Level 1

Beauty Airbrushing – Level 2

Beauty Airbrushing – Level 1

Dust Spot or Scratch Removal – Level 2

Dust Spot or Scratch Removal – Level 1

Floating Shadow – Level 1

Drop Shadow – Level 1

Existing Shadow – Level 1

Reflection Shadow – Level 3

Reflection Shadow – Level 2

Reflection Shadow – Level 1

Natural Shadow – Level 3

Natural Shadow – Level 2

Natural Shadow – Level 1

Image Masking – Level 5

Image Masking – Level 4

Image Masking – Level 3

Image Masking – Level 2

Image Masking – Level 1

Multi-Clipping Path – Level 4

Multi-Clipping Path – Level 3

Multi-Clipping Path – Level 2

Multi-Clipping Path – Level 1

Clipping Path – Level 2

Clipping Path – Level 4

Clipping Path – Level 3

Clipping Path – Level 5

Clipping Path – Level 6

Clipping Path – Level 1